Service Project

 The Service program for grades 7 & 8 is a crucial component of the Good Shepherd School. The goal of the program is to teach responsible citizenship and help young adolescents look outward at the world. Seventh and Eighth Grade students are to complete 10 service hours per trimester and 30 in total. Students may complete more than the required hours.  A record of service must be maintained for each student. It is the student’s responsibility to have the verification form filled out and turned in to the homeroom teacher.   Verification forms will be in our classroom. 

Service is defined as work done for a non-profit agency and one in which there is no compensation or reward for the individual completing the work. The activity should contribute to the well being of the community. Be sure to check with your homeroom teacher prior to doing the activity if you are uncertain as to whether your service hours will be awarded.

If you have a great idea, please feel free to share with your classmates.  There will be times when I will also let you know if I know of any volunteer opportunities.

After completing your hours, showcase your experience in a creative way.  In the past, students have scrapbooked, created brochures, created a magazine etc.  We will discuss this further when we get closer to the end of the trimester.

Topics to Cover in your service project:

  • For what organization(s) did you volunteer? What is the purpose or mission of this 
  • What was your role within this organization(s)? For what tasks were you responsible? 
How did you complete your service learning commitment?
  • What did you learn—about yourself, your organization(s), the services your 
organization(s) offers, and topics of global importance—through your service learning experience?
  • What population(s) does your organization(s) serve? What services does it provide? What are the benefits or advantages of the services offered by the organization? What are your critiques about these services and how they are provided?
  • Does this experience relate to your future educational and/or career goals, how or why not?


Community Service Form (click on it- then print)

Community Service Form


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