Mountain Trip 2015

In case of an emergency, I will contact the emergency number on the camper history form.

If you need to contact me:

1.) contact one of the following parents-6th grade Mrs. Michael or Mrs. Nagy 7th grade parents – Ms. Granderson or Mrs. Weinstein


2.) email me as long as their is reception, I will have access to my email.


3.) call school office & they will contact MSA or myself

Thanks you for trusting your kids with me. We have a great set of chaperones this year. I will update you on our adventures through my blog.

Ms Bhakta


Camper History Form:

Journals- At MSA we don’t have your kids fill in the blanks, rather each student is instructed to bring a notebook for them to document each venture they embark upon. We tell the kids that they are marine biologists and as such will learn how to make data charts, scientific observations, and educated guesses (hypotheses) in each of our amazing labs. At the end of every class your MSA instructor evaluates the journal entries for that lab to ensure the students are tracking with the material. At the end of the week the Journals are collected and reviewed, the student with the most thorough journal will receive the MSA Journal award. Before your students leave camp they will have their journals returned to them, so their teachers can grade them, or so that the students can return home and draft a report of the data collected.





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