Good Shepherd:  Faith, Academics & Service


Good Shepherd School has a page. Click above to check it out and like us on facebook.


32 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Hi Ms. Bhakta! Nice blog! Check ou the second grade blog! Maybe you can put a link to it on your blogroll? Thanks!
    -Ms. Arnold 🙂

  2. Ms. Bhakta! Wow i cant believe i ran into this site it’s awesome. I was just thinking about GSS a couple days ago. It would be really cool to see how everything is going, i dont live in Cali anymore so i cant really stop by lol. I dont know how often you check this site but it would be really cool to hear from you. The page is great, hope your doing good. Im sure you can see my email after i send this but just in case its tnnt0o@yahoo lol

  3. Hi Ms. Bhatka, it’s Mrs. Corona!! Looks like your off to a great start! Your blog looks fun (just like you). K.I.T. and take care! Love, Mrs. Corona (Lou Dantzler Prep).

  4. hi ms bhakta my name is abby and you used to be my teacher helloooooooo! i was trying to remember something about good shepherd and i found the website and then discovered you and mrs widdman still work there. i am teaching kids now too !

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