Emerald Bay-Catalina Island Update PLEASE READ PARENTS & STUDENTS

Hello my lil’ marine biologists & parents –

It is finally here… our 3-day science adventure trip to Emerald Bay.  Here is some important information for you to know as we prepare our final days before our trip.  We will be meeting at school at 6:30 am on Wed morning.  We will leave promptly between 6:50-7 a.m.  Each student will have to bring the following with him/her:  lunch/snacks for that day only, sleeping bag & pillow, journal/pens/pencils and their duffle bag.  Do not OVERPACK.  Please remember, to pack your own bags (last year, the kids had trouble packing their own bags on the return trip).  You are not allowed to bring any type of electronic, it will be taken away and a consequence will be given when we return to school. I advise you to wear layers, as the weather can vary from early morning to the ferry to Emerald Bay.  If you take any medication and we haven’t already spoken please let me know ASAP.  I will be speaking to you personally.  I have advised all students if they have asthma to bring their pumps.

Parent’s in case of an emergency please contact the school during school hours, afterhours please contact either your room parent or any of the chaperones listed below.  You may also contact me through email, sbhakta@gsbh.net.  I assure you that the safety of your children is our priority.  We have our wonderful caring teachers Mrs. Widmann and Miss Barnhill chaperoning along with the following parents:

  1. Teri Baron – Alex’s mom (6)
  2. Shweta Bharadwaj – Ishika’s mom (6)
  3. Mara Granderson – Pharaoh Mom (6)
  4. Eric Hammilton – Jullian’s dad (6)
  5. Robert Olmos – Joaquin’s dad (6)
  6. Lisa Paoletti – Gabby’s mom (6)
  7. Lincoln Bandlow – Dean’s dad (7)
  8. Dr. Waguih IsHak – William’s dad (7)
  9. Dr. Rueven Sison – Enrique’s dad (8)

I have seen the labs and the schedule the students will have for the 3 days…it promises to be exciting and adventurous.  I will post pictures regularly on this blog so you may see first hand what we are doing and can be with us in spirit.

Thank you for your support-

Ms. Bhakta


picture of our camping ground


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