September 9-13

This week Planet Bravo classes begin.  We are so excited that each student in our class will be receiving his or her own mac to use at school.  In science class, the 8th grade began to study motion according to reference points, 7th grade is studying the cell- the basic unit of structure and function in all living things and 6th grade began to study Earth’s inner structures.  There will be a religion assessment on Ch. 2 this Tuesday also the wanted posters will be due then.  All junior high classes will have a Spelling Test on Unit 2 this Monday. The workbook for Unit 2 are also due Monday.

All students in Junior high should start researching topics for science experiments.  Topics are due mid- October.  If you need help with picking a topic there are some links on the side to help you.  Science Buddies is a popular one.  Be sure that it is an experiment and NOT a demonstration.  We went over the scientific method in class look over your interactive notebooks to remind you of the procedure.  DO NOT BEGIN your experiment until the question is approved by me.  If you have any questions please ask me or leave a comment in the comment box and I will get back to you.

*On September 11, we will be remembering the events that took place and the people we lost that tragic day.  Image

*Parents please help your child when it comes to selecting a topic/question for the science fair.  There is a tab at the top of this blog, with detailed information about the science fair.


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