My Summer Vacation

I hope everyone is have a restful and fun summer. I had an amazing summer one that I will never forget. As you know I love to travel and this summer I went to South Africa & Botswana ( one of my dream trips). I had the most amazing experience. I was gone for most of July, it was one adventure after another. I went on an amazing safari & had encounters with the most beautiful animals, I went shark cage diving and experienced the Atlantic Ocean alongside with great white sharks, I broke my fear of heights & went skydiving and saw the world from a different perspective, with the most breathtaking views of CapeTown. I also volunteered for 2 weeks at a government clinic & day hospital, and learned how advanced we are in healthcare and rely learned and experienced the African culture. I can’t wait to share my experiences and photos with you.
I also shared a week with my family in Palm Springs & Marina Del Rey as we celebrated my mom & my sisters bdays. I am ending this summer with a trip to AZ. I look forward to seeing everyone Thursday, first day of school.

Ms Bhakta




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