Congratulations to all of our winners.  Enrique, Savannah, Nicolette, Miss Barnhill (teacher of the year), Jordan & Daniel.  Well done!

Welcome to a regular school week.  This week grades 5-8 will be working on SLE presentations.  The students from grades 5-8 were broken up into groups with combination of students from each grade.  They were given 1-2 SLEs.  The students came up their own interpretations of how the SLEs are modeled in school, at home and within our community.  They will share these with the groups this week.  The students in 7th grade will continue to work in their Lent books and keep track of their lenten promises.  We will attend mass this Wed which is hosted by the students in grade 3.  In regards to science, 7th grade will be reviewing and will be tested on Unit 5:  Genetics.  Grades 6 & 8 will begin a new unit, 8th grade will be studying Force:  Newton’s Laws of Motion & 6th grade will begin their unit on Earth’s Water.

*click on the Mountain Trip page above.  (please return all forms to me by the end of this week)

Thursday:  Algebra/PreAlgebra Test , Genetics Unit Test (7th grade)

Friday:  Vocabulary Pages Unit 8 Due + Vocabulary Test

Math Homework Everyday except the day before a Test.

Remember to keep doing your service hours.  Service projects due March 4.

*** please bring in your $ for the 8th grade ad***


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