Learning Fair Week

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I hope you enjoyed your 5 day mini break.  We have an exciting 3-day week ahead of us.  It all starts tomorrow morning, we will be headed to Saint Monica’s to compete in the learning fair.  The bus will be leaving promptly at 7:45 a.m.  As you arrive you are welcome to come inside the building and wait in our 7th grade classroom as long as I am there.   Thursday, 7th grade will be attending NDA for the fair for 7th grade students only.  Student’s will be riding with parents to NDA.  We will be there for most of the day.  Lunch will be provided on both days.   Parents are welcome to join us at either events.  If you would like to attend the St. Monica’s Fair, please meet us at Saint Monica’s in Santa Monica.  If you wish to attend the 7th grade learning fair, please let me or room parents,  Rose & Lilly,  know so we can arrange for you to help take some students there.  
The following students are competing in the events below:
St. Monica’s Learning Fair, Feb 20, 9am-2pm
Prayer:  Leo, Lauren & Brendan                        Short Story:  Vincent S., Enrique & Carson      
Poetry:  Savannah, Ivy & Sloane                     MathBowl Team:  Leo, Brendan & Trey      
Science:  Sabrina, Nicolette & Trey               Debate Team:  Sabrina, Vincent S., & Sloane 
Speech:  Savannah, Lauren & Anthony       Dramatic Monologue:  Kevin, Alyssa & Hannah 
Art 2D:   Ava, Nicolette & Alyssa                     3D:  Enrique, Andrew & Hannah                        
Photography:  Ava, Kendra & Carson 
Notre Dame Academy 7th grade Learning Fair, Feb 21, 8am -1 pm.  
 Songest:  Shania & Savannah                      
Science Fair:   Sabrina, Vincent V. & Kevin     
Storytelling:  Joseph & Jimin    
Spelling Bee:  Ivy, Vincent S., Vincent V. & Oliver
Good Luck to all of our participants, I want you to know being chosen to compete in these events is already a triumph.  This week, I want us to go to these schools to learn, meet new kids, but most of all to have fun.  I am already proud of each and everyone of you.  
13jbpatch650This past Monday, the city of Los Angeles lost Dr. Jerry Buss.  Jerry Buss had been a chemist and a mathematician long before he bought the
Los Angeles Lakers in 1979. The self-made millionaire with a head for business and an impresario’s heart assailed the NBA with every skill he acquired along the way.  I have been a Laker fan since the early 80s, the dream team was put together by Dr. Jerry Buss.  He recreated the NBA as it is now known.  “SHOWTIME”

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