Happy February & Congratulations to the Ravens!


If you watched the Super Bowl game, it was certainly an exciting 2nd half after the power outage…the game got intense.  Did you know football is related to science? When you throw a football across the yard to your friend, you are using physics. You make adjustments for all the factors, such as distance, wind and the weight of the ball. The farther away your friend is, the harder you have to throw the ball, or the steeper the angle of your throw. This adjustment is done in your head, and it’s physics — you just don’t call it that because it comes so naturally.  The 8th graders have just finished their unit on motion and are a pro in the subject.

This week the 7th grade class will sort and package all the beautiful and colorful Valentines day cards the students from PreK- 8th grade made last week.  We are packing extra treats such as stickers and candies.  Good Shepherd is teaming up with Helping Haitian Angels, to bring some love and hope to the children in Haiti.  We will be sending our Valentines to “Kay Anj Orphans” and the “Streetheart Kids”.  Click on the link to  watch a video about this amazing organization.   Helping Haitian Angels

This week we will also be preparing for the St. Monica’s Learning Fair and the Notre Dame Academy Fair.  I have added a page above to help with a few categories.  I will update the page with names and more descriptions of the events.  You may help your child prepare for this competition, by proofing their writing stories, poetry, prayers, and by helping them practice for the speech competition.

This week, there will be a math test on Wed., 8th grade science test on Tuesday and 7th grade Religion test and Vocabulary Unit 8 test on Friday.  Let’s make this a great week.


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