Nov 12-16

Monday, Nov. 12th – Veteran’s Day Holiday

Wednesday, Nov. 14th – School Picture Day. All pictures will be taken again. Students must be in dress uniform
– service projects are due

– Family Reading Night – 5:00 – 6:30 Come and hear great stories.

Friday- spelling unit 5 test

Saturday, Nov. 17th – HSPT class

This week 7th grade will focus on our Saints project for St. Rose of Lima.  We will be presenting these projects on Tuesday, November 20 to the entire student body. The student will get their science proposals back by Tuesday.  If they have been approved please begin your science fair experiment, if it has not been approved, I have made suggestions for your experiement. If you need extra guidence please see me during your lunch period.  Science classes:  (6th) The students will learn about the San Andres Fault and the important facts about faults in California.  (7th) The students will be genetists and will create paper pets this week.  They will begin to cross trait them to see what the offsprings will look like.  (8th)The students in grade8, will examine food labels to identify the carbons in nutrition facts.  Student’s should be wrapping up on their projects for service this week.  Projects are due this Wed.


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