September 17-21


ITBS/COG Testing begins this Tuesday.  Make sure you get plenty of rest, eat a healthy breakfast (protein=brain food), and refrain from scheduling medical appointments so you won’t miss these important standardized assessments.

Monday-All “Special” classes and STEAM, Student Council meeting after school, and ACE after school

TuesdayDRESS Uniform for school photos (no shorts, no skorts, and dress tie with button down shirt for all please), and ITBS Testing begins

WednesdaySchool Mass at 8:20–DRESS Uniform for school mass and ITBS Testing continues

Thursday-ITBS Testing continues

Friday-12:30 Dismissal, Spirit wear, Norman’s Uniform on campus after school

This week will begin ITBS/COG Testing for 7th grade. Also Note that students should be working on their cell projects, even though it is due Oct. 1, I do not want the kids to feel overwhelmed the weekend before.  Students will still be tested in Math and have their regular Vocabulary Test on Friday.


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