Sept 4-7 Happy September

Labor Day is an American federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers.  I hope everyone had a restful Labor Day Weekend. 

-Tuesday Morning 7:45 am ALL JR HIGH STUDENTS are welcome to join Yearbook.  Meet in Ms. Parodi’s class at 7:45. Student Council Meeting will be held afterschool in the 6th grade room.

-Wednesday is our first school mass and Student Council Installation. Masses will now be held at Good Shepherd Church beginning at 8:30am. We will start walking to church at 8:10 am. Parents and families are welcome to join us. 

Friday is spirit shirt day. Please wear your spirit shirt, jeans, and school shoes. School shorts may be worn if the temperature is over 80 degrees, jean shorts are not permitted. If your spirit shirt order has not come in, you may wear your school shirt, jeans, and school shoes. 

Absent notes:
If your child is absent, please let me know explaining why your child is absent via email or note when your child returns to school. Please read the parent’s handbook about absences.

This week 7th grade will be finishing our chapter on the Church, our Ch.1 test will be Friday.  We will also have our Unit 1 vocabulary Quiz (definitions) + the pages due Friday.  Math classes will have their first test this Tuesday, we will continue to review concepts on integers and the relationship with numbers including the 4 basic operations.  In science, grade 6, will make a model on sea floor spreading and will learn the layers of the earth.  We will continue comparing the plant and animal cells, in look in-depth into the organelles in the 7th grade.  We will work on a skills lab in 8th grade and create and organize an alien periodic table and compare it to the earth one.





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