August 27-31

Last week was filled with expectations, learning the rules, and getting to know each other.    This will be our first FULL week of school.

Just a few reminders:

  • to be in complete uniform everyday
  • wear your dress uniform EVERY Wednesday
  • bring a healthy snack for recess
  • bring a towel to use during lunch
  • bring a re-useable water bottle for classroom (water only)
  • bring back permission slips for Martha’s Kitchen

This week in math we will be reviewing concepts of subset of integers, rational, irrational numbers and real numbers including closure properties of the four basic arithmetic operations.  In science, 8th grade will be learning how to organize the periodic table as well as the characteristics of non metals, metals and gas categories.  In 7th grade, we will learn about the basic unit of structure for all living things, the cell.  In the 6th grade, our unit theme is plate tectonics and study of topic is Wagner’s theory & Sea Floor Spreading.  This is our first full week of school, I would like to point out that STEAM classes will begin September 10 and Planet Bravo will begin after Labor Day Weekend.

Tuesday: Parent meeting & student council meeting
Wednesday:  ACE Enrichment Classes begin, Dress Uniforms for Jr. High

Remember to get to bed early, a good nights sleep and a healthy breakfast are essential for a productive day at school.


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