Last Week of March & 3rd Quarter

This will mark the last week of 3rd quarter.  Just a few reminders, please submit all unused bathroom passes for 3rd quarter to me ON Thursday.  You will have to check yourself and write on back of the pass which subject you would like the points applied to, we will not be using any class time to go through this-this quarter.  We are still in need of “intent to return” forms from 6 students, please submit those ASAP.  This week, my math students will have a special Mathletics game they will play (similar to world’s math day) with our Special Guest:  Kate.  We are starting our chapter on Japan for Social Studies.  Sixth grade science will be presenting their topographic maps and write ups this week, seventh grade will begin be studying bones and joints, while eighth grade will learn about gases and molecular makeup.

Tuesday, March 27th  – Muffins of Moms. Come and participate in the morning prayer and announcements and enjoy a fresh muffin.

Wednesday, March 28th – Confessions at 10:00 AM for grade 7

Parent Workshop on college planning 6:00 PM in O’Ryan Hall.

Thursday, March 29th – Jump Rope for Heart; Students should be collecting their pledges. Math Tests for my math classes. Bones quiz (gr 7)

Friday, March 30th – , Martha’s Kitchen- ( I will post instructions for Martha’s Kitchen this week by Wed, Parents are encouraged to attend) Spirit Dress, Gateway to Art, Science Voc test.


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