This Week. Happy Spring.

Welcome back,  we had a very adventurous 3 days in Emerald Bay.  Besides the wonderful camping experience, we learned a lot.  Students learned how to be Marine Biologists.  This was the first time I went camping with any class, so  I will remember this experience forever.  I would like for all the students that did take pictures and videos to share them with me.  I hope to compile a CD/DVD for each 7th and 8th grade students with all of our pictures & videos. I am also collecting your journals, I would love to give you credit for your work done at Emerald Bay.  As a whole, everyone was very well behaved and represented Good Shepherd well.

On another note,

Back to reality.  We will be testing in PreAlgebra and Algebra on Wed. The 6th grade created topographic maps with homemade clay, this week they will do a write up (in class) on this project. 7th grade will begin to study the bones and muscles in our body, while 8th grade continues to work on the states of matter.  They are in the process of composing skits for their class project.  7th grade will test in Social Studies on Wed (note the date change).

I will not be in on Monday because I am not feeling well, I will collect journals on Tuesday and pictures and videos (Tuesday-Thursday). If you bring me your memory card, I can upload them straight to my teacher laptop.

Monday, March 19th    8th graders are having a Family Fun Night at Fresh Brothers Pizza.  Be sure to bring your flier so that a percentage of the sales will go toward the musical expenses.

Tuesday, March 20th    From 3/20 through 3/25 Tony P’s in Marina Del Rey will host Good Shepherd families for an 8th grade fundraiser Family Fun Week.  Make plans to take the whole family for a great meal.

Wednesday, March 21st  Mass in O’Ryan Hall at 10:15.  All are welcome.

Friday, March 23rd  No school.  Teacher inservice day.


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