Wed: Anti-bullying campaign: The students will participate in an anti-bullying campaign at 9:20am will grades4-8. Parents are welcome to attend.

Thurs: Open house: We will be having an Open House on Thursday at 6pm for prospective families. If you know anyone who is looking for a school for their child, please encourage them to attend on Thursday.

October 18- Picture day retakes: All the students will need to retake their school pictures on October 18th. There was a technical problem with Lifetouch and all the individual photos will need to be taken again. Students will need to wear the same thing they wore on last Tuesday. Forms do not need to be completed again.

October 19- Mass in O’Ryan Hall

Halloween: Students are to wear their Halloween costume to school. Every student is expected to be a part of this activity: however it is not necessary for you to purchase expensive items. Costumes should be in good taste, meaning no weapons, masks, graphic violence, immodest dress or inappropriate slogans. The parade of costumes will begin at 8:15am.


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