Young People & Our Music Ministry


During my first year at Good Shepherd, I put out a call for young people who would be interested in being in a choir.  Unfortunately, the response was not strong enough to create a choir.
I believe it’s time to once again issue an invitation to young people from grades 3 through High School to become part of the Music Ministry, as a singer or instrumentalist.  Young people are not the future Church, they are part of the Church now.  If we cannot form a choir, perhaps a Junior Cantor group can be formed.  If a young person plays an instrument, we need to explore how they can contribute to our worship.
This may not be a parish with many young people in the age group described above, but perhaps there is a way to incorporate some “hidden” talents into enhancing our community worship.
Parents, please contact me if your have an interested youngster in your family, and let’s explore the possibilities.  My email is
Terry Hicks    

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