Study Guide For Japan TEST 6/1

Test:  Wed

Who were the first people of Japan?     How did Buddhism spread to Japan?  What were the Taika Reforms?  What were the Japanese Court at Kyoto known for?  What elements of the Japanese culture are borrowed from China?  What is the most common subject matter in Japanese art? Which Religion was banned by the Tokugawa shogunate? Why was Vietnam valued by China? 

Words to know:

isolation, regent, Shinto, courtier, shogun, haiku

Name 3 ways the sea has been important to Japan?  What qualities were valued in court life?  How did this affect the development of the arts in Japan?  Besides the samurai, describe one way in which the influece of Zen Buddhism was seen in Japanese life? What was the significance of Southeast Asia to international trade?  What goods and resources did Southeast Asia have to offer?


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