March 14- A Day to Celebrate Math & Science

March 14- pi day and Albert’s bday; celebrateing all day.  No School Friday March 18.  NO TESTS THIS WEEK.

It is said that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. And perhaps it does if the lion has a wild mane like Einstein and the lamb has a tail that seems to go on forever like pi. On March 14, in the middle of the month when the lion and lamb meet, we celebrate Einstein and the intriguing number pi. Why March 14? The date is Einstein’s birthday and it represents the common three-digit approximation for pi—3.14.

Pi Day
This is the place for activities relating to Pi Day!

Pi Day page from the San Francisco Exploratorium
This site contains many links to information about Pi.

Einstein Revealed
This NOVA website explores the key points in Albert Einstein’s life and weaves together history and physics. Learners are provided with a timeline, an explanation of the Theory of Relativity, and interactive explorations of time travel and the nature of light. The teachers’ guide is excellent

Einstein’s Legacy
This section of “Physics 2000” focuses on modern technological wonders. Some of them will be rare and expensive devices, but others will be common tools and appliances that you might even have around the house. All these tools rely on basic physics.

Einstein, Image and Impact
This website is from The Center for History of Physics. It provides historical background information for instructors and tutors.

Finding the Value of Pi
This is the Math Forum’s “Famous Problems” website. Find out the history of Pi. Discover the values of Pi as calculated through time. Were the ancient Babylonians (2000 BCE) close to Pi’s modern value?


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