7th & 8th grade:

Monday, November 15, your science proposals are due.  You may write it out or type it up, DO NOT PRINT ANYTHING OFF MY BLOG, just yet. Please include the following:

First & last name, grade level

Your topic:  In the form of a question

Your Hypothosis based on your research

Your research:  please include min. of 5 sources.  Sources include ( websites, journals, books, magazine articles, t.v. programs, interview with a professional)  If possible, please dont limit yourself to just websites.  You can have more than 5, as you work on your project, you may add more sources. Include recent sources, please do not use anything from the 80s or before. ALL SOURCES should be from 1990s to present.

This assignment is worth 20 points. I have reminded you from time to time to start thinking about your science fair experiment.  You were assigned this over a week ago.  I have spoken to you individually as well. Each day this assignment is late there will be a deduction of 3 points.

We went over everything in class, this is just a reminder!




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