Thank you

I would just like to start off by saying how very proud I am of all of my students. You did an amazing job. Each one of you contributed in your own way and togther along with your parents we did an awesome job.  You are natural performers.  I hope you had a lot of fun.  Ms. Arnold took lots of pictures and I will be posting them on here soon.  Paula’s dad also took a video and I will show it next week during our awards ( it will be toward the end of the week next week. I will post it by Sunday).  I hope you really enjoy your weekend and relax.  I hope to see you tomorrow for graduation @3 at Good Shepherd Church.

Thank you to all the parents that helped with this.  Supporting parents like yourselves is a teacher’s dream.  I can really see why your children are so wonderful.

Thank you to Jackson’s family for a nice gathering after the breakfast, the kids really enjoyed it especially the water guns.  Thank you for inviting Miss Ciccarello and I, we really had a great time relaxing with the parents at your beautiful home.


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