Just A Reminder: Social Studies Fair

Assignment:  Students are to pick a topic from their text book and research on it.  They are to come up with an original, creative way to display the information.  I am grading on topic, information/research, creativeness, presentation & neatness (if it applies).  The purpose for this project is for the kids to have fun learning and expanding on something that is of interest to them from the 7th grade curriculum that we may have or have not covered.  The students are  to look into what interests them and research it and present it.  The can take something as broad as the Crusades or as specific as changes in fashion through history. Student’s had an option of working alone or with a partner.  All proposals were submitted no later than March 15.  We have been discussing the social studies fair in class since the end of February/beginning of March.   

Be Creative like we talked about in the classroom.  Have fun because that is when your best work is displayed, remember the examples we discussed in class.  Can’t wait to see your work.  

NOTE:  Parents are invited to the Social Studies Fair, it will take place at 2 p.m. on the yard on March 31.  Projects are due March 30 ( students will be presenting in classroom for a grade). Hope to see you March 31!


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