Need Help on your Science Report?

Title Page: Must include your science fair project’s title, your name and contact information (address and school), your grade and the name of your science teacher.
Table of Contents: Include the page numbers for the beginning of each section.
Introduction: The Introduction includes your clearly formulated and testable hypothesis, as well as explanation of your idea, how you got it and why you think the work is interesting. (If don’t think your experiment is interesting, give up now. You have no hope of doing a good project! So look around until you find something that interests you!) Also include what you hoped to achieve when you started the project.
Experiment: Describe in detail the method you used to collect your data and organize your observations. Your report should be detailed enough for anyone to be able to repeat your experiment by just reading the paper, so keep this fact in mind when you write it. It’s always a good idea to include detailed photographs or clearly-labeled drawings of any device you made to carry out your research.
Discussion: This is where you explain the exact process by which you reached your conclusions. This section should flow logically so that the reader can easily follow your train of thought. Compare your data with the null hypothesis (that is, what would you have expected if the observations you made were completely unrelated to he effect you were expecting), or to your predicted results. What you would do differently if you were to do this project again?
Conclusion: Summarize your results. Make sure not to introduce anything that wasn’t already mentioned in the previous parts of your paper.
Acknowledgments: In this section you should give credit to everyone who assisted you. This may include individuals, businesses and educational or research institutions. Identify any financial support or material donations you may have received.
References: This list should include any documentation that is not your own, such as books or articles, that you used. For the accepted format, see the rules for your particular science fair competition. If the rules don’t specify a preference, then find a research journal that publishes articles in the area of your experiment, and copy the format that it uses.


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