Science Fair

Start thinking of what you want to do for your science Fair experiment.  Tips to remember when picking a topic submitted by students in different states.  

Picking a Topic

  • Start EARLY! The more research you do, the better your project will be. —Erica, Grade 8, Russellville, Ark.

  • Choose a topic that arouses your interest. If your topic is not interesting, you will have a hard time continuing your project. —Vikas, Grade 8, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

  • Find a creative, unique idea by using questions that you have about things you wonder about in your surroundings. —Andrew, Grade 5, Bogart, Ga.

  • Look for stories in the news that can be investigated further. —Anthony, Grade 8, Derwood, Md.

  • Keep a list of random science questions that pop into your head so you can see if any would make a good project. —Sarah, Grade 8, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Talk to your teacher. —Gregory, Grade 6, Wellington, Fla.

  • Mathematics is a science, too. —William, Grade 8, Temple Terrace, Fla.

  • Try to make the project fun. —Madelyn, Grade 5, Dewey, Ariz.

  • Don’t try to pick a title for your project first. Wait until your idea develops. Keep a journal. —Paul, Grade 6, Albuquerque, N.M.

  • Make sure your research your topic! Find out what people have already done, then build on questions you have found. —Megan, Grade 6, Vernon, Texas

  • Visit other science fairs to get ideas and to find out the basic layout of a project. —Alexis, Grade 8, Central Square, N.Y.


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