8th Grade Science Homework Post Link’s Here!


Newton’s Three Laws
of Motion 


Hello there, I would like you to post the link you found most helpful in learning Newton’s Laws of Motion in the comments section under this post.  This assignment is due by: Tuesday.  Look for the easiest way to learn the laws of motion, cartoons, videos are welcomed.  If your comment is approved, you get credit, can homework get any easier than this?  Have fun.

-Ms. Bhakta

Snowboard superstar-Physical Science: Newton’s Law of Motion


What makes 23-year-old Olson so good on her board? Experience, for one. She’s been snowboarding since she was 9 and competing since age 11. She also has a secret ally on the slopes–Sir Isaac Newton. The great English physicist (1642-1727) may be long gone, butNewton’s Laws of Motion help explain the physics behind Olson’s audacious snowboard tricks.

For example, Olson loves to compete on the halfpipe, a 3.7 to 4.6 meter (12 to 15 foot)-high U-shaped structure made of hard-packed snow. She pushes off the top of one side of the U, flies down the pipe, and up the other side. Then she lunges into the air and performs her favorite stunt, the Rodeo flip–a 720-degree sideways somersault–before swooping down into the pipe and up the opposite wall again.

Helping her maneuver is Newton’s First Law of Motion



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