7th Gr. Science Reminder

Please don’t forget to bring your food samples for science.  We all agreed on 3 samples min per student.  We will be testing these foods for carbohydrates and lipids.

Bring your samples in containers or ziplock bags.  You need very little of each sample. 

Examples of what to bring and how much:

1 potato chip, 6-7 grains of cooked rice, two or three pasta pieces cooked, one cookie, a slice of cheese, a slice of apple, a cheeze it…etc.  If you normally bring snack or lunch we can take a small amount of it to test.  No liquids please. (You can bag a bite of your dinner in a ziplock bag.)

If you have a brown paper bag please bring it as well.

If we do not get any samples not everyone will be able to participate in this science experiement.  We all agreed that it would be our responsiblity to bring samples to school.


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